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AUTOTRAK Grand Opening


On Thursday, 14th January 2010, many eyes might have been busy on their work, but in Al Quoz Industrial 1, all hands were on deck for the grand opening of our newly established Auto Service Centre.

The event was headed by the Chairman of the company together with his partners,and

workshop staff.








  AUTOTRAK at Dubai International Motor Show 2009 

    Our participation at the Dubai International Motor show marks our leadership in

automotive industry particularly on body kits, tuning & accessories.

    Last 2009, we displayed kitted automobiles respectively;  Bentley with Vorsteiner BR9 Kit, Range rover with Onyx Kit, Audi  R8 with PPI Kit and Q7 with PPI Wide Body Kit.

 Congratulation to the organizer and sponsor of Dubai International Motor Show for the success.





AUTOTRAK at Dubai International Motor Show 2012


we displayed kitted and foiled automobiles respectively; Porsche Panamera with Vorsteiner

V-PT Kit and foiled in Red Brushed, BMW 535i with Vorsteiner F10 Kit and foiled in Pearl

White and BMW 7 Series with Vorsteiner F01/02 Kit and foiled in Reventon Gray.