Monday - Saturday - 8:00 - 18:00, Sunday - 8:00 - 14:00


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We understand the needs of our customers to have better accomodation and facilities.



 We understand the needs of our customers to have better accomodation and facilities. It is for this reason that we have expanded our facilities and advanced our expertise to cater to the ever increasing demands of our customers. It was essential to identify areas improvement and additional services.

AUTOTRAK has set up its state of the art service facility in Al Quoz extending to 16,000 sq.ft and we are confident that our customers will find the location easily accessible and better equipped to deal with their concerns. Our fully equipped workshop can cater to all makes of vehicles from the most basic to the most exotic of excotics.

All Services and repairs is carried out to manufacturers' standards using dealer parts. Every car is checked, diagnosed and then repaired. The facility has a dedicated mechanical section, electrical section with separate areas allocated for body and paint.

Services Include:

Complete Maintenance Services & Repairs                                        Electrical Repairs                                                   Replacement of Exhaust Systems

Electronic Diagnostics                                                                         Gearbox Overhaul (Auto & Manual)                       Upholstery Cleaning & Repairs

Emission Control                                                                                 Tyres Wheel Alignment & Balancing                       Vehicle Recovery Services

Engine Overhaul                                                                                  Denting & Painting                                                  Extended Warranty

Brake Overhaul & Replacement                                                          Valet, Polishing & Window Tinitng                           Insurance Estimates 

Steering & Suspension Overhaul                                                         Foiling                                                                     Vehicle Registration Services

Air Conditioning Service & Repair                                                       Quick Service Facility


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